Self Contained Accommodation offering Bed and Breakfast in Chippenham, Wiltshire

Phone +44 (0)1249 656828
Mobile +44 (0)7967 597711

Fire Safety

There is a total NON SMOKING policy in our accommodation. 

We have two smoke detectors in our accommodation – one in the bedroom, and one in the lounge. 

Both the kitchen and bedroom doors are FIRE DOORS.

There is a spare key under the patio window sill for quick exit. 

The bedroom window opens from the bottom outwards to enable an emergency exit. 

Whilst there is a gas fire in the lounge, the central heating is used all the time during cold  weather.

We do not provide portable heaters or candles, a torch is provided in case of power cuts.

We do  not provide an open chip pan, nor do we use electric blankets on the bed. 

There is an  advisory notice to draw attention to the fact that the ceramic hob stays hot for a period of time after it has been switched off. 

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